14. Stages….More Stages than a Stage Coach!

Hello All,

The date is 04/02/17 and on a wet (yet again, although with uncharacteristic sunshine outside!) Saturday morning, I have decided to put electronic pen to paper.

So, what’s the story this time?  The stages of emigration.

The first stage – You start to think about going to another land.


The second stage – Should be one of the longest you will do, RESEARCH all there is to know about the land you are hoping to move to, the costs, life and jobs, but certainly not limited to those points.  You need to consider the laws and rules associated with you and your move.  You need to look at homes, areas, people, traditions you might like to get involved with and most important of all, what you need to do to integrate fully with the country – remember you are not moving to another country to try and turn it into your previous country.

The third stage – Simply the information stage.  Look to the documentation you need and for Australia that is HUGE amount!  Birth certificates, academic transcripts, job references, police and medical checks and these only are the tip of the document iceberg as there are loads of other things in this stage such as the possibility of English tests etc.!

The forth stage – Submission of documents (or some of them!).  This is the Expression of Interest time.  When apply to live and work in Australia, you do not simply say “hello Australia, I want to move to you”, you are actually saying “hello Australia, I would like to be given the chance to move to you”.  Your Expression of Interest is the first stage in the process.  You ask to be invited to apply for a visa, you submit the documents exactly as requested by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and wait with a lot of hope thrown in!

The Fifth stage – The main application stage follows swiftly and sometimes not so swiftly! If you are successful in your EoI, you submit proper and only have 60 days in which to get everything done.  You will fill out a massive form called the dreaded Form 80!  This form details all about you and your family (if you are not going alone).  It will cover your travels around the world as well as family members past and present in your immediate family.  Get that form in, pay for the visa fees and wait some more.

Stethoscope Heart Shape

The Sixth stage – Medical and police checks will be requested by DIBP when they have assigned your form to a case worker who will collate your information and make the decision on letting you in.  When the requested come along, you will need to obtain police checks from all countries you have resided in; some charge and some don’t for this service.  Also, you will need to be given a medical check-up at a specified doctor’s surgery – have your money ready for this one, you will be paying private fees here!


The Seventh stage – The heavenly stage of being passed and granted a visa!  Yay, well done you made it through at great cost and time.  Of course, the workload can be assigned to a visa agent which you pay them to do all your visa things like collating information you send and submitting documents when needed.


Seven stages which are different for all people undertaking the major hurdle of moving to Oz.  Some stages will be incredibly short, e.g. I heard about a chap who submitted EoI on day one and was invited on day two!!!!!  But the journey will be tough!  Stick in there and make you dreams real.


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