13. Waiting….Smashed Dreams….Hope….!


Hi All

Well it has been a very long time since I posted anything to this blog, apologies for that!  Since the last post, things have been majorly up and down with regards to life in general and the hopeful move to Australia.

My grandfather died on the day of my anniversary with my then fiancée and now wife.  That seriously knocked the wind out of us, although he lived a good life and was good and old, 93 to be exact, it still is very hard to think of the loss.  And as the previous sentence says, my beautiful fiancée has now become my beautiful wife and we have been married one month and two days – such a wonderful wedding in Cyprus!

Back to the task at hand….

After a lot and I mean a LOT of running around trying to get certificates sorted, passing my Ielts to superior level (extra 20 points for immigration), job references sorted, CVs in the Australian style sorted, more information sorted….we were advised to apply for our 190 state sponsored visa to New South Wales with the view of looking to live in Sydney.  The main thrust for Sydney was that it should be easy to apply for the Expression of Interest in order to receive an invite to apply for the visa….oh no it bloody was not.


The reality of moving to Australia took such a massive dive that we thought for a period of time that our hopes, dreams and plans were done for.  After lodging the EOI to New South Wales state, we waited….and waited….and waited even more….and yet again waited and waited, in fact a total of 8 weeks passed and we had not heard a thing from the ‘easy’ application state.  Our migration agents like us were getting a little jittery and decided to contact New South Wales state about our visa….that crashed to the ground like ‘blue ice from an aeroplane toilet’.  The response back from the migration people of New South Wales was something along the lines of “well, if he doesn’t want to wait then perhaps he shouldn’t apply”.  The was rather a kick in the gut because we didn’t exactly ask for the agents to contact New South Wales state, we just wanted to know what the heck was happening.  Apparently New South Wales state (and perhaps others) will not tell you if you have been unsuccessful in your EOI lodgement….bloody useful because it keeps you seriously hanging without any closure whatsoever.

So I instructed our visa agents to remove the EOI from New South Wales state.  Needless to say we were at the possible lowest we could have been because the only choice left was the ‘difficult’ Victoria state with the potential of moving to Melbourne.  It was around this time that someone posted an ‘eeeeek’ post to the moving to Oz group to which I belong.  Also needless to say that I was fuming that once again here was another person who went through the hell that is trying to emigrate to Australia and then started to doubt their move seeing as they were set to fly very soon to their new life that those of us could only dream of.

My anti ‘eeeeek’ post was fairly cutting but fair and was received fairly well to be honest!  People agreed with my statements and wished us luck with the visa process.  Some were quite shocked that a Dr. of Astrophysics was having such a hard time getting to Oz.  Our migration agent phoned up to settle our nerves and basically said that we can lodge or EOI to Victoria state and hope that things turn for the better….”oh one thing I need to mention, Stefania will need to take an English test as well to show that she can function in an English speaking country”!  WHAT THE FLIP?!  We have never been told that, so back to the facebook group where people put in their pennies worth and came up incorrect.  Yes indeed my wife needs to prove her English ability even though she has lived and worked in the UK for over 16 years and has a permanent residency visa for New Zealand!  Oh well, once again, if that is what Australia wants, then that is what Australia gets.  I even stated on a facebook post to the Poms Wanting Oz group when someone was having a massive moan about failing their IELTS English test and them being a plumber and not an academic, “if Australia wanted me to dress up in a kangaroo costume and bounce around I would”!!!!!  There are MANY hoops to jump through and if you want to move to Oz, then get ready to jump….simple as!


So now onto the hope in the story so far.

We lodged to EOI to Victoria and crossed everything which could be crossed.  I have to rework my CV and extend it in places because when you lodge your EOI to Victoria state immigration, they need to see that you are employable….and apparently I am!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!  They got back to us just around 3 weeks ago inviting us to apply for the 190 visa!!!!!!  Happy could not begin to explain how we were feeling!  We have 60 days (not working but normal days) in which to apply and we are waiting for some money I am owed to pay for the visa and for the wife to do her Pearson’s English test.  We were hoping for Melbourne to be honest, the houses in and around the city are cheaper than Sydney, they have the Melbourne Syncrotron which is a fantastic physics related employer (if only can land a job there I would be a seriously happy bunny!) and the cultural diversity of Melbourne seems lovely – they do have an Italian area in Melbourne which will please the wife, although in stating that, we are not moving to Australia to be with our own kinds but to become Australian.  One also wonderful thing with applying to Victoria state is that they have a little check-box on their EOI application form which says “would you like your details to be used for potential employers?” or in other words, would you like us to put your details across to employers so that if they like you and you can add to the business, they will contact you and you have the potential of landing in Victoria with a job waiting for you!

So, there is hope to cling on to and we are not letting go.  We seriously hope that Melbourne will become our new home very shortly!

More to follow….


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