12. Getting the Immigration Ball Rolling!

Hi All,

Well just a quick one really and not a moan for a change! Today I took delivery of some very expensive re-prints of certificates and transcripts for my academic achievements to act as proof for my skills assessment!  Yay!


When you look to emigrate you need to prove who you are – birth certificates and photos, the jobs you have done – workbased references, the qualifications you have – academic transcripts and certificates and finally to pay for the whole thing!  Getting academic transcripts and certificates of past qualifications can be expensive so bare this in mind.  The other aspect to consider is the time it takes to collate all this information together to be sent off to either the immigration agents or the assessing body.  One final thing to remember is that each Australian assessing body is different and each require their own set of proofs before assessing your application.

But it is both a wonderful and slightly nerve wracking time after you have sent everything off, because you are happy you have the information together and at the same time you are biting your nails because you start to wonder if your qualifications are good enough to be skills assessed ready for the next round of invitations.

Anyways the millstone becomes a milestone in the journey of your hopeful emigration Australia.



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