11. The Silver Platter Brigade

Hi All

It’s been a while since I put electronic pen to paper and aired my views on the immigration process to Australia.  There have been some advances and slight wobbles in the process, but all in all, hopefully things are now moving in the right direction.

Today I wanted to make a special mention to those lucky b**tards who seem fit to either not take a seriously (and I MEAN SERIOUSLY) good opportunity when its delivered to them, or those who have gone the mile and then rant on Facebook hoping for a little “poor you, it’ll be fine” action; The Silver Platter Brigade.

The cases….

gavel 3

My fiancée and I were watching an episode of Wanted Down Under (strange I know!) which followed a family of VERY well-to-do people from northish England.  The chap who wanted to move to Perth is a GP and comes from a very wealthy family background.  His great grandfather helped to build Perth into the city it is now and Dr ****s stated on camera that they never had the money or time to pop over as a family so that he could marvel at the statue of his relative.  Obviously the 5-6 bedroom country house they live in took too much time….hem hem.

Well they were granted a Wanted Down Under paid trip to Perth to see if his family would like to move there.  In comes the dreaded mother-in-law guilt trip, she didn’t want her little daughter and grandchildren to move (barely a mention of the chap!).  They went, had a lovely time, got to see the great grandfather statue, found jobs which meant that Dr ****s and his wife would work LESS hours than in this country for MORE pay – in fact double pay compared to UK salaries, and a dream house they could afford no problem – the house was AMAZING!  But to top it all off, they had around £51 000 per year spending money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOW BLOODY MUCH? £51 000 money left over after a large mortgage, bills, living costs and everything else and they had double a good(ish) [delete as appropriate!] salary to spend on what they liked!  And to top it all off, they DIDN’T MOVE!!!!!  The guilt trip worked from the mother-in-law! They could have flown the woman out to Australia TEN TIMES A YEAR FIRST CLASS. Yes so poor Dr ****s is not living in what he called his ancestral home, but still in his lovely spacious over expensive house up north somewhere.

gavel 2

The second case comes from people posting to Facebook when their due date to fly out comes ever closer.  Normally you get the “eeeeeeeek we are flying out tomorrow, what have I done? Am I making the right decision?” and the rest of it.  This makes my blood boil in all fairness.  First of all, should you be having legitimate concerns on your lengthy and expensive decision, why are you posting on Facebook?  I’ll tell you why, because you want total strangers to tell you it’s ok to feel like that, and for you to leave knowing that your post is in fact a refresh post about you going anyway.  Now some people might, in fact be, confused over their decision.  Making the move to Australia is expensive and very very VERY time consuming.  You have so much to do and so many hoops to jump through and yet, to go through all of that only to start doubting is rather silly….so you go over and try, it does or does not work out, you either stay there and enjoy your new life or you fly back to your old home and support network in the knowledge that you gave it a go.

The most sickening fact when I read the “eeeeeeeeeek” posts is that we are only at the beginning and you have no idea how much we would love to be posting the synonymous “look how many days we have until we fly” or “this is us just about to get onto the aeroplane”.  I suppose it’s human nature to be fairly selfish at times, but just once in a while it would be nice for those “eeeeek” people to stop before they hit the post button and think about those of us who are waiting to get the ball truly rolling, hoping and dreaming that every day we were actually there, living in the country of our dreams.

gavel 1

The final case did start out to be one of the most annoying cases going and ended up with a silver lining when the perpetrator realised what a moaning selfish idiot they were being.

A person who was living in Australia under the work visa 457, posted online about not liking where they were at the time (Darwin or somewhere like that) and questioning a move handed to them on a silver platter.  If you are on a 457 visa, you are entitled to stay in the country provided you are working at the company which gave you sponsorship.  The woman in this case was moaning online about being offered a job, around a slightly landlocked position in Australia, either South Australia or New South Wales (cannot really remember to be honest!).  She first of all epitomised the archetypal ‘whinging pom’ when she informed her hopeful future bosses that school fees were too expensive and that they couldn’t afford it.  The bosses managed to get the school fees waivered!  Then the actual job offer was a pretty decent one bearing in mind that visa 457 only holds whilst you have a job, still she moaned.  Then, the bosses wanted her to go for permanent residency once she started the job and still moaning followed.  The final self-pitying whine came in the moan of no nearby beaches!  Yes, this woman was offered a fantastic job, free schooling for her children, the chance of permanent residency and she almost turned all of this down because “no beaches are near me!”.  I felt like messaging something along the lines of “you are a complete moron!  You have been offered so much and permanent residency but you still turn it down, tell me who the company are and I’ll chew their arms off in order to accept that most gracious offer”.  As I eluded to previously, she did in fact admit to being a selfish whinger and accepted the offer.


“Those are the cases for the prosecution m’lud”.



“I find the cases to be guilty of Silver Platter Ingratitude of the highest order and never in my 50 years plus have I ever met such people to turn down or almost turn amazing opportunities.  Your sentences are not severe enough to account for the sheer lack of gratitude….judgement will be passed soon!”.


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