9. A Little Moan….

“Oh no! A self righteous moan coming into view captain what do we do?!  There’s nothing we can do….it’s going to be a head-on collision”!!!!

spoilt brat

Hi All

Please forgive me for my bluntness, but its the way I am, along with my fiancee and people we know!  Well, we are not the most paternal of people….we quite like children provided they are handed back within in a short time frame!!!  My hat goes off to many people who bring children into the world and bring them up to be nice polite sweet people who will add to life in a great way.  However, there is a nice big slap to those who bring children into this world and will always let their little ‘darlings’ have their way because they want a quiet life….agh!!!!  You know the type, they will scream so hard in the local shops in order to eat their fifth chocolate bar that afternoon, and you see the parents running around looking haggered not knowing what to do.  If you look really closely into the eyes of the screaming brat, you will notice a little red tinge in the pupils which says exactly “ha ha, I have you where I want you and you WILL give me what I want because you never said no”.

SLLLLAAAPP would have been the sound you would have heard if I acted like a little brat with my mother!  Well, why rant like this?….recently on Wanted Down Under and on certain Australia forums, children are ADAMANT that they are NOT moving to Australia.  Normally sullen teenage girls and younger children are the culprits.  They are so wrapped up in their own little worlds that any form of perturbation from their norm and there is hell to pay!  Normally the reasoning from the little cherubs is that they do not want to leave their friends.  But the flabbergasting aspect of it all is the the way that parents will despair and stress over trying to appease their children and their ultimatums; recently there was a post on an immigration forum where a parent was asking for help with regards to their little ‘angel’ not wanting to go to Australia.

When I was growing up, you had NO control or say what so ever and that you had to trust and follow the adults in your life.  Although I do like the fact that children have a little more say in their lives compared to previous generations, but parents need to know when to play the “I’m in charge” card and not to let their children control their dreams….they will thank you for the move to Australia one day.



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