8. Skype Tuesday and English Tests for Native English!

Hi All

And welcome to the latest fun packed installment of our dream move (hopefully) to the land down under!  Well our excitement was rekindled hugely early last week after a skype call from Leanne Stevens of Emergico Immigration Agents.  Poor Leanne suffering from a very British bug, had a good chat with me in order to find out a little more about us and our hopeful move to Australia.  She reiterated the need to go through state sponsorship in order to hopefully secure a permenant visa.

So as things stand thus far….190 state sponsorship visa with points for my education, age, the state sponsoring, job experience and……..english test like IELTS or Pearsons……

….indeed flabergasted!!! I fink I speaks gud inglund guv and that I does not need no flipping test to test my inglish m8!!!! or words to that effect! In my enjoyable position in the wonderful world of academia, I have written two theses with my PhD thesis being 8 chapters in more than 230 pages!  But still due to the requirements of the visa, I need to prove that I can speak English and in doing an IELTS or Pearsons English test I will be granted quite a few points for my visa application.  The amount of points should indeed put my total points over the minimum requirement to enter the visa application round.  Still, as they say…’when in Rome….’ which means should I need to jump through these loops, I will in order for my fiancee and I to start a new and exciting life in the wonderful scenery of Australia!

More to follow!


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