6. Wow it’s late!

Hi All

Well what can I say? Currently the time is late (3:34 am) and I am just starting to get tired!

Time has been a rather funny thing because since our last post when we found out that something amazing turned out not to be so amazing after all, our balloons with regards to this and the move have been a little deflated šŸ˜¦

deflated balloon

Since then, we have had a fair few things running around our heads with one thing and another only to find that our hopeful move to wonderful Australia has taken a slight second place. Once we realised this, we were quite shocked…you feel that you have somehow betrayed your dream if you haven’t been thinking about or working at it all the time!

But our dreams to move are not floundering, in fact the excitement is just beginning to grow again….we are waiting for something appropriately named ‘Skype Tuesday’!Ā  This coming Tuesday (funny that!), we have an internet meeting with Leanne Stevens from Emergico immigration consultants.Ā  The interview is a free 15 minute chat on eligibility and moving to Oz, but we already have a few questions to ask her and we are going to start the ball rolling with the arduous visa application hopefully utilising her skills!

Well, we certainly hope that the roller coaster of luck and the emotions of preparing for moving to Australia will begin to sort themselves out in our favour and that we will start the application to Oz as soon as possible.



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