7. Questions Pens Lists More Questions More Pens and More Lists

Yes I have a few…

If you are looking to start the whole ball rolling on visas and moving etc. you will find that lists of questions will grow from maybe one or two questions on a sheet to a head full of questions which leads you running to the paper pad and pen lest you forget one of the questions before you can ask someone for the answer!!!!

But getting those questions answered is such a good feeling, provided the answers are in line of your initial thoughts. What to do when you hear the news you are wanting or not wanting?….


You feel elated, happy that initial thoughts have been realised or perhaps the information is vital and you had no idea on the possible answer, and now armed with that information your application to the land down under now looks healthier. But the feeling is wonderful when something this important goes your way.


The information you have received has not gone your way and not surprisingly you feel low – don’t give up, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. In life there is a very good saying which goes along the lines “if you want something badly enough, you’ll get it” (or variations thereof).

Lists, lists and more lists!

If there is one thing we have noticed during the whole visa application process and the like, is that the whole process is very much like the mythological creature the Hydra! When one question is answered, several more appear in its place ready to bug you even more! But still, it’s best to go into the visa process after doing your research as fully as possible rather than going into it without a clue. Visas cost money and depending on the size of your family – A LOT OF MONEY, you don’t want to screw anything up and find that you didn’t know something or forgotten about something else.

Visa agents are fantastic at sorting out most of the leg work and we have received a lot of advice to get in contact with one in particular. But in the last sentence is hidden the biggest piece of advice you could ever receive on the issue of migration agents….advice from peeps who have already used them. This is a little unfair on those new agents just starting out in the hope to get business, but due to the horror stories of people being defrauded out of £1000s and not getting anywhere closer to fulfilling their dreams, does seem to give the industry of migration agent a whole ‘used car dealer’ feel. Now, I have just insulted two groups of people there, used car dealers and migration agents, or should I say I have insulted those people in those respective fields who do their jobs properly and to the best of their ability (apologies for that!) – you find good and bad in all walks of life unfortunately and as previously stated in a post, you only normally hear about the bad ones….human nature I suppose!

So to round up:

  • Don’t forget that the visa process will require a lot of research from you and you must know as much as you can BEFORE starting to get carried away with your dreams.
  • Get your pens, paper and lists ready for the inevitable questions.
  • Ask as many questions as you need to on Facebook groups, forums and migration agents specialised in moving people (but remember that you are dealing with humans and sometimes people need a little time out!)



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