5. The Roller-Coaster Ride Continues

Hi All,

I hope this finds people all good and dandy.  It has taken a little time in order to put electronic pen to graphic paper and shove thoughts into the ether, but a decent amount has passed.

After looking at the teaching skills and experience required last time, I found out that in order to get to Australia, my teaching experience might not be able to cut it. – Low dip in the ride.

I contacted (as mentioned before), people on Poms Wanting Oz Facebook site and was put onto the case of emigration guru from Brisbane and one of the only trust worthy immigration agents known (no disrespect to others out there who do a wonderful job, but you only hear about the bad ones mostly) Leanne Stevens.  She pointed out that I should be able to get into Australia as a Physicist – High point!

But the locality will most probably be Sydney or Melbourne – Slight low point as we have our hearts set on Brisbane.  Don’t get me wrong, anywhere in Oz will be fine so long as there are beaches, nice people and jobs for us!  However, we really really reeeeeally want to get to Brisbane and experience the beauty of Queensland.

We were left an item in a will by a passed-on member of my family (low point), which could mean that, if successful, we could have a nice load of money to sort us out….turned out that the particular item was valued at an extraordinary level (insanely high point) and that our travels to the land down under could have happened sooner rather than later. It turns out the specific item in question can only be sold for roughly 20% of it’s proper value and that means no deposit for a house down under and back to the original plans of saving everything we have to get there and the length of time it will take – seriously low point.

One thing I have found with trying to fulfill our dream is that luck and emotions ebb and flow like the sea we are so desperately trying to indulge ourselves in! We have good days and some bloody awful days – but the main thing is that we cannot wait to get to Australia!



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