4. The Wobbles Keep on Coming!

Hi All,

Been a little while since putting electronic pen to electronic paper, but we have been fairly busy of late.  We have started to eBay most of our goodies in order to keep the freight cost low and to make a little extra on the side to help with the coffers!

Since my last little writing episode, Stefania and myself went to the Down Under Live expo in Surrey in order to ask a few more questions….which were answered.  The major question which was answered was about the need to start the application process as soon as possible.  So we started to looking into the ins and outs of getting the skills assessment.

However, a constant nagging in the back of my mind needed to be sorted….my teaching qualification.  I have a healthy experience of teaching behind me and my post-16 PGCE but since starting my career in teaching, every government likes to change so much that I didn’t really know what was going on.  I Google’d to see if anyone was successful in getting to Oz with this qualification….they weren’t around 6 years ago 😦

All of the information I managed to find was very old and I hit a major low, because it looked like my PGCE wouldn’t have been able to get us to the Land of Plenty and Sunshine. Now let’s get something clear….I did my PhD in order to further my career, test the boundaries of Physics and to move away from teaching.  I like teaching don’t get me wrong, but I would very much like to move onto other things.  I have no problem in teaching in Oz should it be needed, but I would love to be able to find something in the industrial or defence sectors if academia is a no go.

So back to Poms wanting Oz on facebook where the peeps were very good in picking me up and setting on my way….basically telling me to get on board with an immigration agent.  Leanne Stevens has got me filling out a few things in order to see which is the best route for us to take, but the best thing she said was “with the level of skills you have, you definately should be able to get to Australia”!

I still have a decent amount of new questions to be answered but in time hopefully that will all be dealt with.



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