3. Quite a Wobble :s

Well Yesterday….

Ended with exhaustion through sheer unadulterate worry!  My fiancee and I love to watch Wanted Down Under showing the people who are given an amazing chance to see if Australia and a life there could be right for them.  Yesterday we watched a nice family from Scotland called the Bones who eventually decided to make the move from Bonny cold Scotland to Australia.  However, they did have to move their base-city a number of times due to lack of jobs needed in the areas they chose….this got me to thinking.

When applying to live in Australia, you go through the very complicated visa process.  You have many stipulations to adhere to and provided you won’t be a drain on the country (and rightly so), you should be granted a visa to live and play in Oz.

The visa we are looking into obtaining is the wonderfully named visa subclass 189! This visa is for people who are wanting to live permanently in Oz and are bringing good job propects with them.  I myself have been teaching for quite a number of years and I looked at the Queensland Skill Occupations List (SOL) which shows the professions which allow you into the country.  Teaching is on the list.

Now for the wobble….

Last night, I thought about the Bones and the fact that they had to chose several different places in which to live because of the job markets, and so, I looked into the Queensland job shortage list….teachers were NOT in short supply….Panic started to set in….I had thought that I could get us into Oz through my teaching!  I looked at all the regions and their respective job shortage lists and really started to panic…only the Sydney area had shortages in areas…aaaahhhhhhhhhhh did this mean that we would not be granted a visa?  In my mind, I was calculating and thinking very hard as to retrain for something else – all the while I was panic striken.

I turned to the Poms wanting Oz facebook group and panicked on there asking whether I could still go for the 189 visa even though teaching is not a shortage occupation….panic over! So long as it is on the SOL, then all should be ok.  Also physics teaching is a shortage form of teaching, so I think that it might be very similar to over here where there are loads of English and softer subject teachers, but Physics and Maths are seriously needed.

I am seriously hoping so that this is the case over there! 🙂


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