1. First Post!

Hi all,

Well here is the first of many (no doubt!) posts about our hopeful emigration to Australia.

A little about us…. I am Dr Andrew Morris and my fiancée is Miss Stefania Costigliola. We are due to marry this year to become Dr and Mrs Morris-Costigliola.

I am a research physicist who seems to be perpetually stuck in the quagmire of teaching (something I hate) and my future wife is a medical claims insurance assessor.

We are fed up with living in the UK – job wise, climate wise, work-life balance wise and medical wise and so desperately want to change location to Australia.

Neither of us have been to Oz but like many before us, we have done a huge amount of research and know that Queensland is the place for us 😆.

The hope of this blog is to help people to decide whether they would like to follow our dream of emigration and the path it can lead you down, there will be highs and lows and hopefully a wonderful day where we finally land on Australian soil ready to start our new life.


Andy and Stefania


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